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Top Universities Teaching Blockchain

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

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Leading the way is the program is Stanford University currently offering 10 blockchain based courses. following is Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania taking second and third place by offering nine and six blockchain programs.

There are only two universities in the top ten that aren’t based in the US. The National University of Singapore placed fourth on the list with five courses, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) came in seventh place, offering three courses.

Courses are not limited to computer sciences, they are in fact being offered across a range of disciplines for those in majors from anthropology to finance. If anything, this is an indication of blockchain’s perceived breadth of application, and how it is expected to impact a variety of areas in society.

This has been a growing trend, back in 2014 New York University Stern School of Business launched a digital currency course, with the help from David Yermack professor of finance at NYU. However, the field of academia has come a long way since then, with New York University now being ninth on the list, providing two digital currency and blockchain programs. In spite of these new opportunities, some still remain perplexed and somewhat skeptical as to why there is a demand in these types of programs.

Matt blaze a cryptography researcher and an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania, has been critical of academia’s digital currency invasion. “I’m puzzled by the demand for degree programs in blockchain,” he posted on Twitter. “It’s like having a degree in binary search trees, an at least equally important and interesting data structure.”

Universities have not been immune to the hype around blockchain. At least in an academic setting, we can hope to see blockchain graduates approaching the field with a critical eye, supported by a strong foundation of knowledge, logic and research.

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